At The NineDot Partnership we create success by enabling people to achieve more…and we can work with your teaching staff, your management team and your students, to make a step-change in performance.

Do these issues resonate with you:

  • How can I improve my students’ attainment and success?

  • What would help my students manage their exam-stress?

  • How do I ensure my students are career-ready?

  • How can I reduce my staff turnover?

  • I want to be better at what I do

  • Is there a way to improve engagement and collaboration?

  • My staff are stressed – what can I do?

  • I want to develop a better equipped management team

  • I have talented teachers but they could collaborate more efficiently.

How Performance Coaching in Education Works

Success is always a result of talented people working together, capitalizing on their strengths and collaborating effectively as a team. At The NineDot Partnership we understand the intricacies involved in blending a successful mix of complementary styles, skills and strengths. We will work with you to enable your teaching staff and management team to reach new heights in maximizing their students’ attainment and college success.

Students of all ages often limit their goals and thus restrict their potential and yet feel under ever-increasing pressure to achieve more. We use a consultative approach to build their confidence, create outcome-based goals, and define strategies to succeed. We have proven stress management and revision optimisation techniques and a specialised approach to coaching to facilitate their next steps whether into further education, apprenticeship or employment.

How do we achieve this?

Our consultative approach means we implement a tailored-made solution, blending a mix of tools and techniques to address each concern:

  • Anxiety and stress management techniques

  • Outcome setting and attainment

  • Revision strategies and exam preparation

  • Peer-to-peer coaching

  • Team profiling (PRISM)

  • Career orientation and coaching

  • Skills and capabilities development

  • Succession planning and performance management

  • Communication and leadership style transformation

We are a people-specialist practice supporting schools and colleges to enable their staff and students, to create and achieve success.


Warden Park Academy was lucky enough to engage Lindsey Jones recently who spent a number of hours with a target group of both Year 10 and Year 11 pupils.  These pupils had been chosen to participate in a target group and consisted of mainly vulnerable pupils who were experiencing high levels of stress and anxiety for a variety of reasons including exam stress, home life and friendship issues.

From the onset Lindsey was very friendly and welcoming immediately putting the pupils at ease and in turn, by using a variety of methods, Lindsey was able to help the pupils relax and understand how to deal with any issues they may have in an alternative, more beneficial way.

Lindsey’s course content should be compulsory for all pupils due to it being so helpful and could it be included in our Learning about Life curriculum.

I would highly recommend Lindsey’s services and can very much appreciate the difference she could make not only in an educational establishment.

Head of Year 10, Warden Park Secondary Academy, July 2017
Mental Resilience in Students, exam related stress

Author: Lindsey Jones

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Eliminate Exam Stress ebook cover

Author: Lindsey Jones

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