At The NineDot Partnership we enable your people to create a step-change in both individual and team performance, which translates into greater business success.

Are you asking these sorts of questions:

  • How can I give my managers better management skills?

  • What would help my sales people engage with their clients?

  • How can I improve customer service?

  • I want to be a better leader but I’m not sure how

  • My people are skilled but could work better as a team.

Business owners often say that their people are their greatest asset – but how do you ensure your people are at their greatest? How do you create a positive shift in performance? How do you enable your people to develop as a team? Business success is always a result of talented people working together, capitalizing on their strengths and collaborating effectively. At The NineDot Partnership we will work with you to pin-point the issues and create a solution that enables you to achieve your business goals.

How does performance coaching achieve this?

Our consultative approach will identify the issues and tailor a solution that supports you in achieving your business goals, this may include a mix of the following:

  • Team profiling (PRISM)

  • Career orientation and coaching

  • Skills and capabilities development

  • Job benchmarking and aligned recruiting

  • Succession planning and performance management

  • Communication and leadership style transformation

What We can Offer

We are a specialist practice which supports SMEs to enable their people, to create success.
We want what you want…support in implementing a solution that develops your team and produces quantifiable results for your business.


As my Business Coach, Lindsey is 100% my only “go to” person. I recently started my own business and the support received from Lindsey has been outstanding. I now have a clear and focused look ahead and I know I can move forward, full of courage and that really is thanks to Lindsey.
She is understanding, very knowledgeable, patient, relaxed and very motivating. I’m more than thankful to Lindsey for believing in me, for supporting my every move and most of all for being there for me when I have needed her help the most.

Rachel, Shape Shifter International, Aberdeen 2017

A major part of the CU Fitter Award in Applied Delivery of Cancer Exercise is Day 2 – the day the delegates learn about the importance of communication
Working with cancer patients who may be preparing for treatment, going through treatment or who are in a recovery situation is extremely challenging for personal trainers and exercise specialists who normally work with those who are fit and healthy.
The aim of day 2 is to fully prepare the delegates for a variety of situations that they might encounter when starting to work with a cancer patient and so we were aware that choosing a Coach who could create and deliver exactly the right modules for this day was of paramount importance.
Lindsey Jones of The NineDot Partnership exceeded our expectations. The day was creative, enabling and challenging for the delegates and from their delegate feedback forms it was apparent that Lindsey had scored a ‘10’. All delegates declaring that they had loved the day, had learned a great deal, about themselves as well as advanced communication.
We are happy to say that we would definitely recommend Lindsey to any company or charity seeking to engage a Coach to enhance their training programmes with Neuro Linguistic Programming or simply learning about the importance of communication.

Jan Sheward, Cancer United, 2018
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