Do you want to shift the goal-posts in your favour? At The NineDot Partnership we do exactly that, we specialize in perfecting the mental preparation needed for winning!

As an athlete these questions will strike a chord with you?

  • How do I create my winning strategy?

  • How can I beat competition anxiety?

  • How can I find the zone under pressure?

  • How do I slow-down time to let me plan ahead in the moment?

  • How can I bounce back after failure?

  • How do I model and learn from my sporting heroes?

As performance coaches we specialize in developing strategies to give you the mental strength and clarity to win! We work with you to pin-point exactly what you need.

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How Performance Coaching in Sports Can Help?

At The NineDot Partnership we can coach you to achieve all of these and more, giving you a competitive-edge others only dream of. You can make this shift in performance a reality and set you apart from your competition.

How do we achieve this?

As a sports coach do you want to create a team which unite, understand and capitalize on their strengths and genuinely play to win. How do you ‘tilt the field’ in your favour?

  • How do I create real ‘team spirit’?

  • How can I push through a plateau and step-it-up a gear?

  • How do I manage their competition nerves?

  • How can I keep my coaching skills at the leading-edge?

We will work with you to spot the issues and develop a mix of strategies that finesse mental strength, create mind ‘muscle memory’ and optimise performance, when it counts.

We want what you want…Success!


I engaged Lindsey to work with my team of experienced coaches to build and develop their communication skills. She devised a complete program for us, which was delivered in 90-minute modules over a period of seven weeks. I felt, Lindsey took time to understand the needs of the team and tailored the content and her style accordingly; she encouraged their participation with informal and informative sessions which always allowed for lots of practical, hands-on experience.
She built on the skills each week so that the team could layer the techniques and were able to practice old and new skills, as the weeks went by.  Lindsey was great, the team were fully engaged, enjoyed and benefited enormously from the training. In between sessions, the team often engaged in deep conversation about the way the techniques were working with their gymnasts, demonstrating their full commitment to putting Lindsey’s ideas to work.
I would really recommend Lindsey, she is passionate about sport and tailors her knowledge to suit the needs of the audience; she really helped my team, gave them new skills, greater confidence and helped them be even better coaches.
I also know that she has helped individual gymnasts with their competition anxiety and enabled them to conquer specific fears.

Sally-Anne Warner (Owner), Hawth Gymnastics Ltd, November 2017

Growing up I was an artistic gymnast who started at the age of four; at the age of nine, I was on beam practicing backward walkovers, I missed the beam with my hands and landed on my head. From then on, I could no longer bring myself to do the move, not even on floor, I just couldn’t go backwards at all. I didn’t come back to competitive gymnastics until my mid 30’s and still couldn’t go backwards, even though more than twenty years had passed.
I had one session with Lindsey, my legs were actually shaking and my hands were very clammy as I thought about the memory but she got me to walk forwards and backwards along my timeline while dipping in and out of the incident. The whole time Lindsey spoke to me very calmly and asked me to visualize certain things; by the end of our 15-minute session, I felt I could do a backward walkover there and then (I didn’t, simply because I hadn’t warmed-up). Lindsey told me to give that feeling of conviction and confidence a colour, to see it, to feel it and anchor it by pinching my fingers together.
Two days later in the gym, I decided I’d do it, I triggered my anchor and I felt really calm and with my coach I did a backward walkover on floor… the first time since I was nine!! It felt amazing (see the video) I was so happy! I then tackled a round-off tuck-back somersault onto a soft landing in the pit. I had a coach shadow me for a couple of times and then managed it on my own. I was totally thrilled…you can see it in the video.
Every time I train backwards now, I calm-down my breathing, think about the colour I felt in Lindsey’s session and pinch my fingers together triggering my anchor to release the feeling of confidence and the happiness I get from completing the move. I’m still amazed that Lindsey could fix my fear so quickly after more than 20 years…

Coach, Hawth Gymnastics Ltd, December 2017
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