Are you tired of trying to achieve your personal fitness and weight-loss goals? Do you want to make them a reality…let NineDotFIT guide your success! 

At NineDotFIT we work with you to understand what you want and we provide 360° Performance Coaching to ensure you reach your desired outcome.

Why are we different?Well, because we are not just Personal Trainers; how amazing would it be if you had all of these specialists in your team, all the time?

  • A Coach

  • A Master NLP Practitioner

  • A Kinesiologist

  • A Psychologist

  • A Hypnotist

  • A Nutrition Advisor

  • And a Level 3 Personal Trainer

You will have every one of these in your corner and on your side.

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You can only succeed because we will support you at every turn regardless of your challenges…

  • Setting real goals and reaching your outcomes

  • Losing weight and toning-up

  • Achieving physical fitness

  • Meal and macros planning and nutrition advice

  • Overcoming objections and dealing with excuses

  • Developing mental resilience

  • Overcoming your own limiting beliefs

  • Managing any stress, fears, nerves

  • Changing bad habits

  • Getting competition-ready

  • Finding the Zone

  • Undoing the melt-down effect

We want what you want…success! Let NineDotFIT help you!

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