When I explain NLP I like to adopt this analogy…think about the brain as a computer; think about how poor programming of any computer can limit the functionality and therefore can negatively impact the performance, the speed and the output.

We know there are ways of re-programming a computer to improve the speed of processing and installing new software which gives access to new functionalities…And our brain is just like this and by using NLP we can “re-program” or change the way we think, act, respond, learn, increase our own functionality, improve the system by which we make choices, increase the range of choices we have access and ultimately optimise our lives.

NLP is concerned with the patterns of human excellence. NLP is a powerful approach to changing the way we live, whether we want to eliminate unwanted behaviours or emotional responses or acquire new skills or make better choices. It is an incredible mechanism of re-training our brains, increasing the number of options we have and improving our lives in ways perhaps, we never imagined possible.

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