The Benefits of Coaching over Training and Mentoring in Leadership Development

Companies often consider employee performance and the range of options available to them. Coaching, mentoring and training form a blended approach. We tend to use terms interchangeably. So it gets confusing since all three approaches seek to take an employee and the business to the next level, developing a pipeline of suitable people for

How to engage millennials in the modern workplace

The generation younger than Millennials (Generation Z) are now settling in to the workforce. They’re 22 years old and below, and many are graduates. Yet it’s Millennials that are the most prevalent group in the workforce (estimated to make up around three-quarters of it by 2025). They are therefore the current focus in people management

Is it time to adopt agile working in your business?

Being agile is about more than working practices. It’s a business culture. To see the benefits of agile working, you need a shift in mindset at every level of your company. How do you know if new and existing hires will be more effective by adopting agile working methods? Companies must hire with agile working

What are the signs of self-disruptive leadership?

Disruption in business is the act of toppling a traditional idea or approach and changing the playing field in an unexpected way. Many market leaders carve out a place for themselves at the top by taking a traditional business model in a new and exciting direction. In the process, they often leave a legacy product

5 Steps to Leadership Development for Managers

Today’s managers are expected to know what they are doing, assuming that success in a previous non-leadership role will lead to similar success in their new role as manager. Yet, a 2016 survey of 500 managers from Grovo showed that 44% felt unprepared for their management role. A whopping 87% wished they'd had more training

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The Appraisal Interview – The Achilles’ Heel

An article in 1983 stated “the appraisal interview is the Achilles’ heel in the entire [appraisal] process” [Public Personnel Management, Winter, 1983] and not a lot has changed. I do empathise with line managers who may have been promoted from a more technical role into a line management position, often without being coached in management

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Maximising Effective Communication

In the animal world communication allows members of the herd or pack to stay safe, share mood, move together and feed or hunt effectively. Elephants use touch, vibration, smell and have a wide repertoire of sounds from trumpeting to growls, rumbles and squeals. For us humans, the art of effective communication is complex mix of

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Adaptability & Neuroscience in The Workplace

By now you may have noticed I have a passion for neuroscience and to date I have really only looked at it in relation to stress and how we can take control of our physiology and moderate our brain chemistry to feel better. However, as a certified PRISM practitioner I am interested in its application

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Managing Redundancy Related Stress…

It’s been said that redundancy is more stressful than divorce and moving house and in my own opinion, having been through all three in less than 12 months, they’re all on a par! That said, the insidious and corrosive nature of being under the threat of redundancy is almost worse; the lack of control and

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Resilience In The Classroom

The mental health of students has featured in the press recently and with the exam season approaching many students are feeling the pressure to perform well…not only for their ongoing studies, university entrance requirements and other future prospects but also to live up to their parents’ expectations and those of their teachers, peers and friends