July 2019

June 2019

How to engage millennials in the modern workplace

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The generation younger than Millennials (Generation Z) are now settling in to the workforce. They’re 22 years old and below, and many are graduates. Yet it’s Millennials that are the most prevalent group in the workforce (estimated to make up around three-quarters of it by 2025).

May 2019

April 2019

5 Steps to Leadership Development for Managers

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Today’s managers are expected to know what they are doing, assuming that success in a previous non-leadership role will lead to similar success in their new role as manager. Yet, a 2016 survey of 500 managers from Grovo showed that 44% felt unprepared for their management

January 2018

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The Appraisal Interview – The Achilles’ Heel

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An article in 1983 stated “the appraisal interview is the Achilles’ heel in the entire [appraisal] process” [Public Personnel Management, Winter, 1983] and not a lot has changed. I do empathise with line managers who may have been promoted from a more technical role into a