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The NineDot Partnership specialises in people development and performance enhancement. We work with businesses to boost team performance, sales and management skills. We support the education sector to drive leadership in teaching and excellence in student attainment. Our expertise extends to the sporting sector where we enable coaches, athletes and sporting teams to out-perform their goals. We work with a myriad of clients and now extend our skilled approach to those individuals seeking their own advancement; we will tailor our style to suit you and we will challenge you out of your comfort zone, to achieve new success.

Increase sales and profitability


  • I want to improve performance at work

  • I’ve been promoted but I don’t have the skills I need

  • The sales team need to improve client engagement

  • My staff are highly skilled but they don’t always work well together

  • I want to reach my full potential as a sporting professional

  • I fell apart in a competition and I really want to win

  • I’m a sports coach and I want to get the best from my team

  • We need to equip our senior teachers to manage their peers

  • I want to create the next generation of leaders

  • My students need help to manage their exam stress

  • I’m leaving school and want to be career-ready


We work with everyone who wants to improve performance…their own or that of their teams’

  • Business leaders & new managers

  • Sales & business teams

  • Senior teachers & school heads

  • Students at all levels

  • Sports coaches

  • Professional & amateur athletes

  • Gym owners & training staff

performance coaching in business

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